2017 Pivot Firebird -red-side

The 2017 Pivot Firebird is available in Austin

We recently had something os a photo shoot with this red sexy little number, simply because it’s beautiful to look at. It also happens to be the Holy Grail of long travel mountain bikes.

2017 Pivot Firebird -red
The Firebird is an enduro bike that devours park runs, and a technical climber that relishes huge lines and blazing descents.

2017 Pivot Firebird -badge
The Firebird is available in sizes S, M, L, XL for riders between 5’4″ and 6’7

2017 Pivot Firebird -side 2
The Firebird carbon frame is amazing. The Firebird is modeled after Pivot’s Phoenix downhill bike, so it features a long, slack geometry, and 170mm of travel.

2017 Pivot Firebird -drivetrain
Thanks to the proven DW-link, this long travel bike devours climbs. The long cockpit, short chainstays and steep seat angle make for powerful and comfortable uphills.

2017 Pivot Firebird -red-side


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Bike Mag called it:

A battle-focused speed machine that lives up to its numbers


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