Mason O’Neil and his 429 Pivot

Team Cycle Progression, Mason O’Neal

Our good friend and team member Mason O’Neal stopped by the other day for a quick tune on his new Carbon Pivot 429 before he headed out to race the Miles of Discomfort cross country marathon.  I was able to snap a few photos of him and his new ride before he headed out.  This is one good looking couple right here.

Seems like this pair is going to get along just fine, Mason won first place over all in the 42k race.  With with a time of 01:59:12 he finished about 7 minutes ahead of 2nd place.  Good job Mason! Glad you’re enjoying the new ride.

Mason wasn’t the only one flying the Cycle Progression flag this weekend, We also had a number of people racing the full marathon who did amazing as well.  Here are their results:

  • Rocky Gingg- 1st place 19-29 – 04:17:55
  • Dustin Alderson- 3rd place 19-29 – 04:31:34
  • Paul Fafard- 5th place-40-49 – 04:33:56
  • Melanie Etherton- 2nd place- open- 04:40:39
  • Steve Etherton- 13th place- open- 04:29:10

Keep up the great work guys!