Worn Suspension Fork - MTB Suspension Service Repair

Don’t Wait This Long To Service Your Suspension

Worn Suspension Fork - MTB Suspension Service Repair

MTB Suspension Service Mechanic -Tim Carr
Tim, saving the life of this MTB suspension fork


Did you know that most MTB suspension manufacturers recommend servicing suspension components (forks and rear shocks) every 125hrs of use –that’s less than a year for most–, or at least yearly?

When you do, it’s best that you have MTB suspension service performed according to manufacturer specs.

Our head mechanic Tim Carr is certified by Sram Technical University (STU), Barnett Bicycle Institute (BBI), USA cycling, and worked at the Olympic training center.

Tim also happens to be a suspension specialist, which makes Cycle Progression the top MTB suspension service bike shop in Texas.

Worn suspension fork MTB Suspension service repair
You really don’t want this to happen to your fork

So, why don’t you service your MTB suspension more often?

It’s the wait, isn’t it?

No one wants to pull out these parts, send them off to the manufacturer and wait a couple of weeks off the bike.

Even bringing them to the local shop can be a guessing game: Will I have it back in a week? Who knows.

That’s why we’re introducing:

Woohoo, Ride the weekend
Woohoo, Ride the weekend!

72hrs. MTB Suspension Service*

Yep, you read that right. Bring your bike on Monday or Tuesday, and you’ll have it back in time for the weekend.

Heck, bring it Sunday after your ride, we’re now open Sundays 11am to 4pm.

  • MTB Suspension Service

    MTB Fork Service: seals and fluid$140*

    • Thorough inspection of fork for damage and/or wear.
    • Complete tear down and rebuild of damper, including new seals and oil.
    • New dust wipers and foam rings.
    • Air piston inspection and air piston seal (if needed, additional charge).
    • Lower-end bushings inspected and measured for wear.


    Lefty Fork Service: seals and fluid$150*

    • Thorough inspection of fork for damage and/or wear.
    • Disassemble fork and cartridge
    • Replace all seals
    • Fluid in cartridge
    • Pressure bleed main chamber
    • Clean or replace boot/wiper


    Basic Rear Shock Service: seals and fluid$70*

    • Thorough inspection of shock for damage and/or wear.
    • New seals and fluid.


    Premium (Nitrogen) Rear Shock Service: seals and fluid$180*

    • Thorough inspection of shock for damage and/or wear.
    • New seals and fluid.


Remember, bring your MTB for suspension service Sunday – Tuesday and have it back to ride the weekend!

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*72 hrs. turnaround applies only to Fox and RockShox brand suspension components. Price for some repairs may be higher if fork or rear shock is severely damaged and requires replacement parts not included in service. Cycle Progression will call you with an estimate total cost of service for your approval prior to work being started.